USPS® Parcel Tracking

This is a link to the USPS Tracking® page.


This site allows you to manage your EasyPermitPostage® account and to request funds be transferred to Lake Michigan Mailers. EasyPermitPostage® is a trademark of Pitney Bowes, Inc.

Ship International Package

This site allows you to print your own international package shipping label that includes address and customs compliance documentation. It will also allow you to create a package for EMI (Express Mail International) and PMI (Priority Mail International) services. You’ll be prompted for sender, recipient, and package content information.

Email Marketing

This site allows you to create, edit, and manage email marketing campaigns, social media marketing, online surveys, and event management.

Community Events Calendar

On this Calendar you will find Community Events supported by Lake Michigan Mailers.

Prove Delivery™

This site allows you to create, track and manage Certified Mail and First-Class Parcelpaks.

RIPDocs Secure ECM™

This site allows you to securely upload, archive, search, and retrieve all of your indexed enterprise content including scanned documents, electronic documents of all types, and documents created by our RIPDocs® document creation service.

  • All collection times are estimates. Actual times may vary +/- 10 minutes due to road, traffic, and weather conditions.

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